stoli Nuts - a Unique Snack for the Brain

Anyone who concentrates for hours and thinks a lot has to keep their brains efficient. Nuts are the best brain food and are in the spirit of the times. However, nibbling is often a nuisance, because raw nuts are heavy on the stomach of many, and the valuable vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids of roasted nuts are negatively affected by the heating process.

Our nuts are different! The result of our refinement are delicious nuts, which retain all their health benefits, and are a suitable snack for the office unlike any other nut.

stoli Nuts at work are worthwhile.

Designed especially for the workplace, we pack stoli nuts into 10 small daily rations in each countertop display box. We have the following varieties:

As an alternative to the daily rations, we can also supply our nuts in a 6000 ml bags. Our nut cube has a special lid with integrated bucket for easy handling. And it prevents to touch the nuts by the fingers. This solution is particularly cost-effective.

We will gladly send a test sample to your company to see if stoli nuts are a good fit for your staff.


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