Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions (TC) of Stoli GMBH

1. Scope

The following terms and conditions apply to all orders and deliveries placed by customers online from STOLI GMBH.

2. Exclusive application of TC

Stoli GMBH TC solely governs these services.

3. Contract Agreement

All offers made by STOLI GMBH are non-binding. A contract between the customer and STOLI GMBH becomes effective only after the customer has placed an order, and STOLI GMBH has accepted it. The customer generates his order online by completing the order form found on STOLI GMBH website. STOLI GMBH approves the order by delivering some or all of the ordered products.

4. Delivery

Deliveries are made from the STOLI GMBH warehouse.

Delivery times and dates specified by STOLI GMBH are non-binding.

5. Transfer of ownership

Goods ordered remain the property of STOLI GMBH until the customer has made payment of the full price specified in the current contract.

6. Payment / shipping costs

The purchase price is due and payable once the order has been made.

Customers can make payment by credit card or PayPal. Unless specified otherwise, all prices include the shipping cost.

7. Returned items

Food items cannot be returned due to hygienic reasons.

8. Data protection

Personal data relating to customers are collected only to the extent permitted by law. The customer authorizes the post office to inform STOLI GMBH of his/her correct address if a shipment made by post could not be delivered to the address specified in an order.

9. Final provisions

Should one or more of the provisions of the TC cease to apply, this does not invalidate the entire contract. Any provisions that become inapplicable will be replaced with appropriate new provisions under the relevant jurisdiction.

This contract is governed solely by Swiss law under the jurisdiction of CH-6004 Lucerne, Switzerland.