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stoli - unique nuts

Commercially available Nuts have a problem!

Commercial nuts are often offered raw, unroasted for consumption. While raw nuts contain vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids, they lack substances that inhibit the absorption of valuable minerals such as iron and magnesium. They are also heavy on the stomach and affect the cleavage of the enzymes negatively.

An advantage of roasting nuts is that they are light on the stomach and minerals are better absorbed during the roasting process. However, many of the vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids are lost due to the heat.

What makes the Stoli nuts different?

The key lies in our natural, three-step finishing process.

Step 1:

In nature, we grow the plant from a nut with a pressurized digestion inhibitor to make them safer for consumption. In addition, the acid is removed to reduce the absorption of minerals. This process impacts the taste by reducing the bitterness and enhancing the natural sweetness of the nut.

Step 2:

The nuts are then salted with a touch of sea salt. The key feature is that we salt the interior as well to further enhance the nut’s natural flavor.

Step 3:

Finally the nuts are left to dry under the sun for a long time to achieve that crispy crack in the mouth.

With our nuts, you no longer need to make compromises.



The packaging of nuts is a very delicate process. For this we were able to work the foundation Brändi as a packaging partner. In Lucerne the stoli's are packaged under strict hygienic conditions and dispatched for shipping. The Brändi foundation has been promoting the professional, social and cultural integration of people with mental or physical disabilities since 1968. We are happy to count on the support of the highly motivated team.